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About (EPK)

the DURABLE fiction
Reexaminations of the conventional wisdom.



Atmospheric indie rock. Guitar-driven indie rock that weaves together heavy doses of synthy guitar sounds, subtle atmospherics and straight-up tube-amp jangle and chime. 


  • Pop, but not too pop: Built on pop form, but always pushing at the boundaries.
  • Smart, but not too smart: Odd meter is fair game, but only if you can still tap your foot to it.
  • Stylistically, largely driven by an indie-guitar ethic, but infused with moments and hints of the band’s diverse musical palette: world, jazz, reggae, new wave, Americana, and classical. 


The Durable Fiction began in late 2019, a new project emerging from the sudden dissolution of the long-running chamber-pop group The Mitchells. Stylistic departure was the guiding principle for the project, eventually to be dubbed The Durable Fiction.

Writing for an EP began immediately, with plans for a summer 2020 debut show. A pandemic and all of its associated upheavals put those plans on hold. But also supercharged inspiration and fueled collaboration.

As the world opened up in 2021, founding members (Aiello, Mavridoglou) brought multi-instrumentalists Mark Becknell and Matthew Holt into the fold, collaborating on and refining an audience-ready set.

The Durable Fiction began performing live in Spring 2022.

Their first EP Welcome to the Top is being recorded and due out sometime before the world comes to an end.


The Durable Fiction are:

  • From Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Since 2019
  • Marc Aiello / Guitar & Vox
  • Mark Becknell / Guitar
  • Matthew Holt / Bass
  • Nick Mavridoglou / Percussion


  • booking[at]


  • Marc Aiello: Turnsole, The Mitchells, The Number Line, parker ben parker
  • Mark Becknell: Queen City Silver Stars, Casual Participant, Mark Becknell (solo), Frontier Folk Nebraska, Josh Eagle and The Harvest City
  • Matthew Holt: The Sloes, The New Sleepcat Band, Hickory Robot, The Grove
  • Nick Mavridoglou: Queen City Silver Stars, Turnsole, Spookfloaters, The Mitchells, Swarthy Band


Major Influences

Dismemberment Plan, The Shins, Elbow, Soul Coughing, Synchronicity, 100% Fun, Mew, Meddle, Life’s Rich Pageant, Pixies, Experimental Jet Set Trash and No Star, Rival Schools, Charlie Parker, Death Cab for Cutie, OK Computer.

Stage Plot

the DURABLE Fiction Stage Plot.pdf


The Durable Fiction live concert photo
Photo: Shuva Paul